Definition of realizability in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēəlīzəˈbilətē/


(also British realisability)

See realizable

‘The second component of the criterion - realizability - is based on the extensive experience, beginning in 1926, of the operation of military classes and military-science departments at civilian higher schools.’
  • ‘Liberal toleration, founded either on agnosticism about higher goods or on pessimism concerning their realizability, seems to be contemporary humanism's highest ideal.’
  • ‘Pragmatic social science is concerned not merely with elaborating an ideal in convincing normative arguments, but also with its realizability and its feasibility.’
  • ‘This correspondence between physical realizability and computability seems to require something like the quantum picture of reality to be true.’
  • ‘Critics of functionalism were quick to turn its proclaimed virtue of multiple realizability against it.’