Definition of reallocate in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Allocate in a different way.

    ‘a strong incentive to reallocate their resources overseas’
    • ‘Because in a market economy, resources, including human resources, are constantly reallocated between different uses.’
    • ‘Richmond said he hopes the groups' planning process also has reinforced a different attitude about reallocating resources.’
    • ‘The commissioner has broad discretion to allocate and reallocate resources to meet his operational requirements.’
    • ‘But moral hazard reduces the ability to reallocate risk among different economic agents.’
    • ‘We are talking about reallocating resources to those that need it the most, and that's also for governments to really give priority to that, to know which populations do need attention.’
    • ‘Legalization would mean a huge dollar savings for the government and the elimination of wasted time by police who could be reallocating their resources to other problems.’
    • ‘The firm responded by reallocating resources and lawyers between departments, slimming down specialist teams and strengthening others.’
    • ‘A parallel route, number 29, has had its frequency increased to every 15 minutes as a result of these extra resources being reallocated to it.’
    • ‘In a detailed report, the Healthcare Commission demanded future resources be reallocated to underfunded towns.’
    • ‘Ideally universities will use this as an opportunity to reallocate resources from lectures to other teaching techniques (such as more tutors and on-line help), but might be tempted just to cut costs.’
    • ‘So if you reduce the profit margin by restricting advertising or imposing cost control, you will simply force companies to reallocate their resources.’
    • ‘There are some movements afoot, seeking to protect the resources which are left and reallocate resources to developing countries in need.’
    • ‘Therefore, by an infusion of new technologies, our goal is to reduce this operational footprint while simultaneously reallocating precious personnel resources and equipment to fulfill other critical missions.’
    • ‘This conversion experience then rippled through science, changing the boundaries of disciplines, reallocating resources, and so on.’
    • ‘The self-interested behavior of producers leads them to adjust their supplies to meet market demand by reallocating productive resources.’
    • ‘When conditions change, synchronization realigns the multiple priorities and reallocates resources.’
    • ‘As the relevant courts have often noted, when a school reallocates resources to remedy past inequity against women, it does not commit a new act of reverse discrimination.’
    • ‘The company's resources were reallocated to support the diversification strategy, and over time, sales of the new product lines grew, increasing earnings and revitalizing top line growth.’
    • ‘Suppression of reproduction reflects the classic conceptualization of the stress syndrome, as resources are reallocated to cope with needs more urgent than reproduction.’
    • ‘Personnel were redeployed and financial resources were reallocated in support of field operations.’



/rēˈaləˌkāt/ /riˈæləˌkeɪt/