Definition of reapplication in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēˌapləˈkāSHən/


See reapply

‘Cost for a new application is $3.60 per linear foot, a reapplication is $2.95 per linear foot and dust control along a secondary highway is $5 per linear foot.’
  • ‘A Scottsdale, Arizona, company has developed an environmentally friendly answer to slippery grips that does not require constant reapplication or disappear with sweat.’
  • ‘The lady in question is a Carlow Town native who wishes to remain anonymous lest her imminent reapplication for the medical card be jeopardised.’
  • ‘The alternative for those who miss out is another year of high school and then reapplication the following year.’
  • ‘His reapplication for membership of the Party has stretched on for seven years.’