Definition of reapportionment in English:



See reapportion

‘It's not news, of course, that the Supreme Court's one-person, one-vote standard applies to reapportionments but not to the selection of presidents.’
  • ‘This became a definite go when he lost all the legislative races, and used reapportionment as the excuse.’
  • ‘The reapportionment of 2002 designed congressional districts that favored incumbents of both parties, leaving virtually no room for challengers to be elected.’
  • ‘It's worth going back and reading or rereading the reasons Justice Frankfurter gave for opposing judicial reapportionment, back in 1962.’
  • ‘His district is going through reapportionment.’



/ˌrēəˈpôrSHənmənt/ /ˌriəˈpɔrʃənmənt/