Definition of rear projection in English:

rear projection


  • The projection of a picture onto the back of a translucent screen for viewing or for use as a background in filming.

    ‘What type of TV gives you the best picture quality, is it DLP, LCD, LCD rear projection, or Plasma?’
    • ‘The anamorphic 1.85: 1 image is clean and crisp, but this then helps to highlight the antiquated techniques - rear projection, blue screen - used to create many of the film's fright scenes.’
    • ‘Beyond the 20-foot square room, larger, rear projection video screens should be used.’
    • ‘Technically he seems to rely too heavily on rear projection; often the film feels a little false because of it.’
    • ‘We have a number of facilities in here: the first that you would notice is this screen up the end, it's a rear projection screen and we have up to three projectors.’
    • ‘For a project four years ago, the rear projection screen itself was something like 30 feet by 20 feet, explains Chess.’
    • ‘The film - another first showing in Vancouver - will be screened from a 16 mm rear projection (meaning the movie appears directly on the wall).’
    • ‘Part of the charm of the film comes with the use of rear projection and double exposure - devices probably seen as decidedly old fashioned in a CGI-soaked movie world.’
    • ‘As is usual with films from the period, special effects and rear projection are painfully noticeable, adding to the concerns.’
    • ‘We re-created the spider scene using stop-motion animation, black and white film, travelling mattes, rear projection - all the old techniques - so that we provided a speculation on what that original spider scene could be like.’
    • ‘Also included is a short segment on how the directors used rear projection (a novel technique at the time) to place the actors in Rio.’
    • ‘A class of TVs called microdisplays uses technologies known as LCD rear projection, digital light processing or DLP, and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS).’
    • ‘The instances of rear projection are handled well and almost all the miniatures are believable (the chariot sequences really benefit from their realism).’
    • ‘Old-fashioned, CRT-based rear projection TVs are bulky, suffer from potential burn-in, and need regular recalibration.’
    • ‘For the most part the matting and compositing of these effects with live action elements is seamless, with the exception of a few bad looking rear projection shots.’
    • ‘Some moments of rear projection gave me a chuckle.’
    • ‘The chipmaker is gambling there will still be room in the marketplace by 2005 for cheap, larger formats like rear projection.’
    • ‘There are plenty of high-tech choices out there including LCD and newer style rear projection.’
    • ‘This included matte paintings, traveling mattes, rear projection, model work, and so on.’
    • ‘The projector can be mounted on a ceiling or tabletop, and be used for front or rear projection.’