Definition of rear sight in English:

rear sight


  • The sight nearest to the stock on a firearm.

    ‘The rear sight is a simple peep sight that is screw adjustable for both elevation and windage.’
    • ‘They feature fully adjustable black-blade rear sights and partridge front sights.’
    • ‘First, sight alignment is the relationship of the front sight to the rear sight so that they are properly aligned with each other.’
    • ‘There is a white dot in the face of the front sight and on both sides of the rear sight, and both the front and rear sights are fitted in a dovetail and adjustable for windage.’
    • ‘The cylinders had to be altered or replaced by a cylinder with a loading gate and new breech face and a rear sight had to be built into the top.’
    • ‘At least they haven't gotten to the rifle manufacturers completely yet as their rear sights are fuzzy but the front sights are still sharp.’
    • ‘Along with this, the gunsmiths also replaced both front and rear sights to allow for a better sight picture; the new sights were fabricated in the shop.’
    • ‘Excellent sights consisted of a protected front blade with rear sights being adjustable for windage and elevation.’
    • ‘Front and rear sights are both fitted with optional tritium night sight inserts.’
    • ‘You can't get much simpler than a soft plastic slip-on protector for a muzzle, front sight gas block or a rear sight.’


rear sight

/ˌrir ˈsīt/ /ˌrɪr ˈsaɪt/