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rearview mirror

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  • A small angled mirror fixed inside the windshield of a motor vehicle, enabling the driver to see the vehicle or road behind.

    ‘With a glance in the rear-view, the driver pulled onto the road and picked up speed.’
    • ‘After five minutes or so, I checked my rear-view and saw that the road behind was clear.’
    • ‘But I guess he was watching for it and leaned on his brakes - in the rear-view, I could see Merlin's rig shimmying behind us both as I rolled to a stop and he swung around me.’
    • ‘The rear-view camera is fitted into the boot lid and when reverse gear is selected there is an immediate view on the driver's information screen of what lies behind.’
    • ‘Parking assist, which uses a rear-view camera linked to the central display screen to provide guidance for reversing, is fitted, too.’
    • ‘Jack spotted a rough patch on the road ahead and drove through it deliberately, watching in the rear-view with satisfaction as the three men tied up together in the box were tossed roughly about.’
    • ‘As they drove Rolf looked in the rear-view window and saw Juliet leaning against Arden.’
    • ‘I saw headlights approaching behind me in my rear-view mirror, and then a sleek black vehicle pulled up on my left side.’
    • ‘Tom jumped in beside me and the driver looked into the rear-view mirror to see whether we were seated comfortably before driving off.’
    • ‘Look for cars with rear-view mirrors that automatically dim and filter out headlight glare.’
    • ‘Markus looked behind him in his rear-view mirror and cursed angrily.’
    • ‘A video behind the rear-view mirror can read signs up to 164 ft away and project an image on the driver's head-up display.’
    • ‘The man flicked his gaze from the road ahead to the rear-view mirror and instantly tensed.’
    • ‘And then it was a distant speck in my rear-view mirror.’
    • ‘in the rear-view mirror, I saw the woman behind us laugh along with the kids in her back seat.’
    • ‘Right when she was going to hop into the driver's seat, she noticed a glint in her rear-view mirror.’
    • ‘Jack watched the road ahead of him, then looked in his rear-view mirror and watched the woman.’
    • ‘I heard and looked up to see the cab driver looking at me through the rear-view mirror.’
    • ‘Elizabeth, having no choice but to continue driving, adjusted the rear-view mirror so that she didn't have to watch.’
    • ‘Equipment will include electrically retractable rear-view mirrors and automatic air-conditioning.’


rearview mirror

/ˌrirvyo͞o ˈmirər/ /ˌrɪrvju ˈmɪrər/