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  • The action of thinking about something in a logical, sensible way.

    ‘he explained the reasoning behind his decision at a media conference’
    • ‘They are also supposed to record all details of such acts, including their reasoning for the use of force.’
    • ‘He doesn't give a damn about logical reasoning or proof of anything.’
    • ‘Your mate has gone through the same reasoning, which leaves you both vulnerable.’
    • ‘The reasoning behind the exchange is to further enhance their marketability.’
    • ‘I think it is an essential part of his reasoning.’
    • ‘This conflict raises a question mark over the judge's reasoning.’
    • ‘I have to wonder what the reasoning was for this slight.’
    • ‘An assumption is made that moral reasoning is subject to measurement.’
    • ‘In the coming days, that reasoning will receive close scrutiny.’
    • ‘I can't understand the reasoning behind some of those.’
    • ‘That may underlie the reasoning in the Court of Appeal in British Columbia too.’
    • ‘This kind of reasoning puts the importance of the reader's sensitivities above what is true.’
    • ‘Matthew Stinson can't help but point out the flaw in that reasoning.’
    • ‘Barthes has argued that myths and rituals in our society have taken the form of reasoning and speech.’
    • ‘These are based on my probably inaccurate observations and my misinformed reasoning, but I think them fair.’
    • ‘What influences the development of mathematical reasoning in different population groups?’
    • ‘The majority reasoning was most clearly expressed by Justice Hayne.’
    • ‘This sounds like entire supposition, and I would like to know what reasoning is behind it.’
    • ‘The Court's reasoning is convincing.’
    • ‘It is this sense of being tested by practice and judged by results that gives strategic reasoning its edge.’



/ˈrēzəniNG/ /ˈrizənɪŋ/ /ˈrēzniNG/ /ˈriznɪŋ/