Definition of reassert in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Assert again.

    ‘he moved quickly to reassert his control’
    • ‘My sane sensible side reasserted itself quickly, but just for one second after seeing a room for let in Brighton, I was about to just up and leave.’
    • ‘He had previously helped his father and brothers reassert government control during a period of lawlessness and had served as a Minister.’
    • ‘In this way the victim's worth can be reasserted.’
    • ‘It is a quick, single move which breaks the flow and reasserts one's control over the situation.’
    • ‘He moved quickly to reassert UN centrality in emergencies across the globe.’
    • ‘However, Celtic quickly reasserted themselves and were back on level terms following an Alan Hosey header from a great John Reid cross.’
    • ‘British rule in Jamaica was shaken by a rising in 1865, and the governor Edward Eyre recalled in disgrace, but control was reasserted.’
    • ‘The Second Republic was progressively emasculated as the old monarchist élites reasserted control at central and local level.’
    • ‘I suspect they probably bided their time until the furor over the May conference died down, before waiting to reassert their power and control.’
    • ‘A stalemate had been reached in which the opposition could not unseat the government by force and the government could not reassert full control.’
    • ‘Her longing to reassert control over her body deepened after a series of stillbirths and miscarriages left her with only one healthy child, Elma.’
    • ‘However, the European Council was also an attempt by governments to reassert national control over the development of the EC.’
    • ‘Hence its brazen efforts to reassert control, by any means necessary.’
    • ‘France, however, hoped to reassert control over Indo-China and reoccupied the main cities.’
    • ‘Like the Islamic and Ottoman works that follow, they show how quickly this region surmounts destruction and reasserts its cultural traditions.’
    • ‘A statement issued on behalf of the publisher said that it reasserted its support for the original order and repeated that it would never knowingly contravene a court order.’
    • ‘As the appeals court weighs the case, some members of Congress are moving to reassert their authority.’
    • ‘Each year Eliot's presence reasserts itself at a deeper level, to an audience that is surprised to find itself more chastened, more astonished, more humble.’
    • ‘Everything comes together smashingly, in an extended dénouement that… reasserts the power of stories and songs to represent, sustain and complete us.’
    • ‘The illusion of easy communication disintegrates, the curse of Babel reasserts itself, English collapses into translationese.’
    reaffirm, reassert, confirm



/ˌrēəˈsərt/ /ˌriəˈsərt/