Definition of reassess in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēəˈses/ /ˌriəˈsɛs/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Consider or assess again, especially while paying attention to new or different factors.

    ‘we have decided to reassess our timetable’
    • ‘George wanted his conviction to be reassessed, in light of what had come out at the second trial.’
    • ‘It is true that memories and past experiences often have to be reassessed in the light of new situations.’
    • ‘The Government is considering revaluing properties to reassess council tax bands with the possibility of adding in more.’
    • ‘He admitted that the trusts were reliant on the computer system and would reassess the situation in light of the problems.’
    • ‘By understanding different lifestyles, the BBC can ensure it constantly reassesses its own relevance to the 21st century audience.’
    • ‘Few biologists consider fossils when reassessing the xanthoids; Guinot has been a notable exception.’
    • ‘In January 1981, Havering considered reassessing the couple as foster parents for long term fostering.’
    • ‘After every major war, all pre-existing rules of warfare must be reassessed in the light of the actual practice of states.’
    • ‘The ward physiotherapists reassessed him and considered him to be safe and fully recovered.’
    • ‘The physician must carefully assess and reassess every athlete with a concussion.’
    • ‘Then I will reassess the options and consider playing if cricket is helping me take my life forward.’
    • ‘The manpower requirements of Government departments will be reassessed by reviewing the norms for creation of posts.’
    • ‘Are enough companies reassessing the basis of their competitiveness in the light of a continuing weak euro; and deciding whether they really have a future in their present marketplace?’
    • ‘A bank spokesman confirmed yesterday it is reassessing its proposed contribution to sponsorship of golf in the light of its merger.’
    • ‘I realized in that moment that I need to stop reassessing the entire situation in light of whatever happened the instance before.’
    • ‘I feel it is high time that the county council reassessed its woeful decision to install those cursed traffic lights at Scale Hall corner.’
    • ‘I maintain that it's vital that people continue to reassess their views in the light of events and new evidence.’
    • ‘The suspension of UK licences will be reassessed once the review has been completed in 2001.’
    • ‘In the light of this find past discoveries will have to be reassessed - opening new vistas for the study of human evolution.’
    • ‘Finally, we will briefly reassess the evolutionary story in light of this information.’
    rethink, review, revise, re-examine, re-evaluate, reassess, reappraise, think better of, think over, take another look at, relook at, look at in a different light, have another think about