Definition of rebab in English:



  • A bowed or plucked stringed instrument of Arab origin, used especially in North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

    ‘Still another combines the croaking of frogs in a pond at Mills College with Anthony Braxton's baritone saxophone, the composer's wife (?) playing a Javanese rebab, and a Kurzweil sampler sine wave.’
    • ‘It may be the flute, the mediaeval lute, or the viola or rebab of Jordi Savall himself, one of the acknowledged masters of his instrument.’
    • ‘It consists of bronze gongs, keyed metallophones (like xylophones), drums, a flute, a rebab fiddle, and a celempung zither.’
    • ‘The rebab type usually had two strings, a skin belly, and narrow body, and is illustrated in 13th-century documents.’
    • ‘There one can hear rebab recitals every other night.’



/rəˈbäb/ /rəˈbɑb/


Mid 18th century from Arabic rabāb.