Definition of rebalance in English:



[with object]
  • Restore the correct balance to; balance again or differently.

    ‘the Pilates method aims to rebalance and restore correct posture’
    • ‘Give yourself a deep-conditioning hair treatment to hydrate, restore and rebalance locks in preparation for the months ahead.’
    • ‘I now use a cream, with this supplement, which is rubbed onto my body twice daily in order to rebalance the oestrogen-progesterone balance.’
    • ‘Hurricanes are a mechanism for rebalancing the differences in energy levels between the ocean and the atmosphere.’
    • ‘This works by strengthening the core postural muscles of the body, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment which leads to a longer, leaner body.’
    • ‘At some point it becomes essential to rebalance the mix of different types of units to match the new mission requirements.’
    • ‘The longer this bear market portfolio is rebalanced by either method, the greater should be the overall gain and retention of asset class balances compared to a buy and hold strategy.’
    • ‘We are working hard to fix that - by rebalancing skill sets within the Reserve component and between the active and reserve force.’
    • ‘We believe in rebalancing the Trade Practices Act - giving small business a level playing field on which to bargain with big business.’
    • ‘It builds on the Government's ongoing reform of the criminal justice system, rebalancing the process in favour of victims and witnesses.’
    • ‘In the first instance, that will mean rebalancing the efforts to remake the ground and the air services.’
    • ‘He was merely rebalancing his portfolio, at the behest of his financial adviser.’
    • ‘Be aware that changing and rebalancing your portfolio is as important as investing the cash in the first place.’
    • ‘So it's all about rebalancing the payment system and making it more efficient.’
    • ‘Rising diesel prices mean that the typical 50-50 split between fuel and rental costs is being rebalanced so that fuel is now accounting for 75% of customers' bills.’
    • ‘The fund puts into place asset allocation and geographical spreads that are rebalanced over time.’
    • ‘Fighting crime and anti-social behaviour is at the heart of the Government's new programme with the Prime Minister pledging to rebalance the criminal justice system in favour of the victim.’
    • ‘Introduce a new, broadly based local property tax and rebalance service charges equitably across the entire community.’
    • ‘This is a great opportunity to rebalance the growth in our town and I am confident that there is a solution out there.’
    • ‘Fighting financial mismanagement and fraud throughout the agencies of the federal government is an urgent mission if we ever hope to rebalance the budget.’
    • ‘A package of further measures would be introduced to rebalance revenues, by congestion charging and road tolls which would be ring-fenced for public transport.’