Definition of rebind in English:


transitive verbpast participle verb rebound/rēˈbound/ /riˈbaʊnd/

[with object]
  • Give a new binding to (a book)

    ‘the Book of Kells was repaired and rebound in 1953 in four volumes’
    • ‘The sewn paper binding seems sturdy enough, but libraries will likely want to rebind the book for their collections.’
    • ‘So, my present mind is to direct the solicitors for the appellants to uplift the appeal books, take out the confidential papers, rebind them, and go from there.’
    • ‘He absorbed complete sections of the Encyclopaedia Britannica while rebinding a worn ‘E to F’ volume, returning again and again to the article on electricity.’
    • ‘Miss Beatrice Forder was responsible for rebinding the Winchester Bible in the cathedral and, for a time, was employed to repair some of the city archives.’
    • ‘Until it was rebound a few years ago, the book consisted of two stout volumes in the Public Record Office.’



/rēˈbīnd/ /riˈbaɪnd/