Definition of rebreather in English:



  • An aqualung in which the diver's exhaled breath is partially purified of carbon dioxide, mixed with more oxygen, and then breathed again by the diver.

    • ‘Have you heard that British dive shops are being asked for names of people buying the more expensive items of dive gear, particularly rebreathers and diver scooters?’
    • ‘Unlike conventional scuba gear, rebreathers recycle exhaled gas by chemically scrubbing it of carbon dioxide with soda lime.’
    • ‘Without it, Shirley would have to constantly monitor the oxygen levels in his rebreather and inject oxygen into his breathing loop manually.’
    • ‘A 58-year-old diver using a rebreather with a dry suit made a shore dive to 300 feet.’
    • ‘The hammerheads of Cocos are timid, but a diver using a closed-circuit rebreather can get close to these sharks, often gathered in numbers.’
    • ‘Small children run screaming with terror at the sight of a diver in a rebreather.’
    • ‘I remember the rebreather divers who, on their third dive after training, descended to more than 100m, and the trainee trimix diver with only two seasons' experience on scuba under his belt.’
    • ‘One of the Hereford divers, another Ken, was a keen rebreather diver who was very grateful for Alan's extensive know-how.’
    • ‘For rebreather divers, closing the loop, drinking, and reopening the loop requires long breath-holding.’
    • ‘On average the rebreather divers were doing ten minutes more bottom time than the open circuit divers and getting out of the water at the same time.’
    • ‘Each rebreather diver ran an 18 minutes' bottom time, giving run-times of just over three hours.’
    • ‘As a rebreather diver, I know that I must close a manual slide on my mouthpiece before I take it out of my mouth to avoid it flooding.’
    • ‘Although he's an accomplished technical diver, he's still practising 20m dives with his rebreather.’
    • ‘When Shaw went to the bottom on his rebreather, he tooled around exploring, used only 5,800 liters of gas, and got back to the surface in nine hours and 40 minutes.’
    • ‘Tom fastened the rebreather over his face and pulled the mask on, then slipped over the edge of the boat into the water.’
    • ‘I was dressed in full drysuit and hood with a rebreather strapped to my back.’
    • ‘In some cases, a single diver would have a closed-circuit rebreather, bail-out cylinders, large video-camera housing and both wide-angle and macro still cameras!’
    • ‘Never mind - he's now got a rebreather - so as an old-fashioned open circuit diver I'll look much tougher than he will with all my bubbles!’
    • ‘It's a 2 gas re-programmable air and nitrox computer, good for open circuit, semi-closed and fully closed rebreathers.’
    • ‘Nitrox is available and supplies for rebreathers can be arranged.’