Definition of rebuild in English:


Pronunciation /rēˈbild/ /riˈbɪld/

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transitive verbrebuilt

[with object]
  • Build (something) again after it has been damaged or destroyed.

    ‘we try to help them rebuild their lives’
    • ‘he rebuilt the cathedral church’
    • ‘The garage belongs to a family in nearby Church Road, who rebuilt it as a double garage just two years ago.’
    • ‘He has never rebuilt the confidence which his father unintentionally destroyed in childhood.’
    • ‘Once the place is rebuilt, cleaned and sorted, viewers of the show can holiday there.’
    • ‘Let there be no short cuts any more and let roads be rebuilt from their foundations if necessary.’
    • ‘When it was totally gutted by fire 10 years later it was rebuilt and prospered.’
    • ‘The police later took away their clothes as they rebuilt the bomb as part of the painstaking investigation.’
    • ‘The wall was partly rebuilt in May, but left without coping stones on, leaving it open to weather damage.’
    • ‘Its 205 pupils will be bussed to a school 13 miles away while the building is rebuilt.’
    • ‘Eventually, the front wall was rebuilt and the windows repositioned in their original places.’
    • ‘Even when the area is rebuilt, and it will take a long time, many companies will have moved outside the city for good.’
    • ‘When the home was rebuilt the town was expected to provide the new access bridge.’
    • ‘The Germans rebuilt the dams far more quickly than the Allies had expected.’
    • ‘Now he reveals how he rebuilt his marriage and his hopes for the country's future’
    • ‘Mr Kingston said it was essential that links between the food producer and the consumer were rebuilt.’
    • ‘Whether or not it ought to be rebuilt is secondary to the real issue: can it be rebuilt?’
    • ‘The couple are staying with friends but Mr Patrick said they intend to return to their home when it is rebuilt.’
    • ‘Instead, she rebuilt her life and career and launched her own jewellery line.’
    • ‘Work eventually went ahead and the centre was rebuilt using traditional materials.’
    • ‘The building used to look a bit fancier, and much more decorative, but it was never rebuilt.’
    • ‘Until it was rebuilt, passengers had to change cars and cross the bridge by foot.’
    reconstruct, renovate, restore, refashion, remodel, revamp, remake, reassemble
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  • 1An instance or rebuilding something, especially a vehicle or other machine.

    ‘the Trust have recognized the hard work of all who were involved in this daunting rebuild’
    • ‘It is always cheaper to pay now rather than later, so it became a case of doing a preventative total rebuild on everything.’
    • ‘I have seen the results of some good rebuild programs and, unfortunately, some bad ones.’
    • ‘When we found this out we took major action, developing a 20-year rebuild strategy.’
    • ‘This could prove quite costly if the system was not originally designed for rebuild - as in many cases.’
    • ‘Other funding sources for the rebuild could include a forthcoming bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund.’
    • ‘It usually necessitates a complete rebuild of the machine which is a complex and lengthy procedure, hence the high cost.’
    • ‘It will take a major rebuild before the pub can be re-opened.’
    • ‘There is also no time table for the rebuild but the club is hoping to complete the aircraft in 2005.’
    • ‘I was cleaning out a bunch of old files that have followed me through 3 rebuilds of my computer.’
    • ‘We have noted the various letters from Marlborough residents concerning the rebuild of St John's School.’
    • ‘The big institutional shareholders apparently have their own ideas about a new chairman and a couple of new directors to preside over the board rebuild.’
    • ‘I spent the afternoon working on a website rebuild which wound up requiring an animated banner.’
    • ‘The increase will be evenly split between rebuilds and cash outlays for digital boxes.’
    • ‘The engines are guaranteed to run 6500 km between rebuilds, and will be €75,000 for a pre-raced version, or €150,000 for a new-build.’
    • ‘The centre of the site shows the headquarters building which underwent several rebuilds.’
    • ‘But Ilkley campaigners say they would still like to hear updates on how things are progressing with the potential rebuild of the Coronation Hospital.’
    • ‘I'm getting there on the website rebuild, but it's slow going!’
    • ‘Mr Galloway said the rebuild was part of a strategy for the next ten to 15 years.’
    • ‘The couple decided to project-manage the rebuild and do much of the construction work.’
    • ‘Every now and then I get the urge to continue the rebuild of my music collection onto CDs.’
    1. 1.1A thing that has been rebuilt, especially a part of a motor vehicle, e.g., a motor or an alternator.
      ‘the rebuilds include a number of Delage cars’
      • ‘The Peugeot driver was helped by a gearbox rebuild to stay clear of France's Sebastien Loeb after one stage was scrapped following safety concerns.’
      • ‘I found Phil's post particularly illuminating, and tried turning off a few of the automatic index template rebuilds.’