Definition of rec in English:


Pronunciation /rek/ /rɛk/


informal North American
  • Recreation.

    as modifier ‘the rec center’
    • ‘I am hoping to stop my city from closing our rec center.’
    • ‘If the rec center closes, there could be an increase in juvenile crime!’
    • ‘The rec center is even older and isn't meeting the needs of many in the community.’
    • ‘We're here at the rec center, and it's safe side day!’
    • ‘The local rec center sponsors stuff, so see what softball teams or swim clubs are looking for new talent.’
    • ‘I like to play racquetball; I like to try to get over to the rec center on my bike.’
    • ‘Well, don't tell Elle, but everyday after practice we head over to the rec center and hold our own practices.’
    • ‘I wanted to make a big contrast between the chapter about the swanky Petroleum Club and the down-to-earth rec center.’
    • ‘Hey, there's a teen meeting at the rec center tonight.’
    • ‘He headed for the rec tent and the nearest phone.’
    • ‘I used to play softball in the rec leagues, but not anymore.’
    • ‘Since we don't have a curfew Friday, we thought a bunch of the girls could get together in the rec hut and have a little shindig.’
    pleasure, leisure, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, refreshment, restoration, distraction, diversion



/rek/ /rɛk/