Definition of recapitalization in English:


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(also British recapitalisation)

See recapitalize

‘Meanwhile, the Italian government has earmarked 750 million euros in its 2005 budget for the company's recapitalization.’
  • ‘‘We are exploring a whole range of alternatives, from recapitalization to selling everything,’ he says.’
  • ‘A private guarantor would do this by identifying and forcing the recapitalization of troubled institutions as soon as they weaken.’
  • ‘The recovery is on track, the current-account surplus is healthy, capital flows are strong, companies are restructuring and the recapitalization of banks is almost complete.’
  • ‘The recapitalization of banks is to be financed by selling the assets of bankrupt companies, but this process has barely started.’



/rēˌkapədlˌīˈzāSHən/ /riˌkæpədlˌaɪˈzeɪʃən/