Definition of recessionary in English:



See recession

‘While some commentators seem to have made it their mission to hasten the country into a recessionary spiral, the views of the leading businesspeople serve as a timely antidote.’
  • ‘This will make recessionary declines less severe and shorter, but it will not prevent economic downturns completely.’
  • ‘This is designed to prevent a market collapse, which could have serious consequential effects in the current recessionary climate.’
  • ‘And despite global recessionary trends, the industry feels that the next few months will see a healthy increase in travel.’
  • ‘But the current recessionary trends are being driven by psychological factors primarily.’
  • ‘Just as in the case of the failure of deficit spending, more consumption by household will not halt recessionary pressures.’



/rəˈseSHəˌnerē/ /rəˈsɛʃəˌnɛri/