Definition of recessionista in English:



  • A woman who seeks to remain fashionable or stylish despite financial difficulties or a limited budget.

    • ‘Enter the recessionista, that frugal fashionista who's not afraid to troll the clearance racks.’
    • ‘Well our resident recessionista has some fabulous tips for shopping second hand.’
    • ‘If I hear the term "recessionista" one more time in a glossy, I think I will actually explode.’
    • ‘The Olsen girl will front the March cover wearing Proenza (does Proenza do "recessionista chic"?).’
    • ‘We're going to show you where the "recessionistas" are finding some real deals.’
    • ‘Publishers and novelists believe what has been dubbed "recessionista fiction" will strike a chord with readers who have run out of sympathy with the shopaholics of previous best-sellers.’
    • ‘She's got some tips for fasionistas turned recessionistas.’
    • ‘These adorable, fairytale-like creations, which recall Alice In Wonderland and smack of defiant frivolity and impracticality, are the recessionista's status symbol of choice.’
    • ‘The global financial crisis spawned the recessionista.’
    • ‘The question is whether this thrift...will last only as long as the credit crunch and the trendiness of the recessionista.’



/rəseSHəˈnēstə/ /rəsɛʃəˈnistə/


Early 21st century from recession + -ista.