Definition of recessivity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēˌsesˈivətē/


See recessive

‘Moreover, Y-linked mutations do not encounter the problem of recessivity or sexual antagonism, and thus any advantageous mutation has a much better chance of becoming fixed in the population than the autosomal or X-linked ones have.’
  • ‘Their work showed that ‘…the recessivity of mutants is an inevitable consequence of kinetic properties of enzyme-catalyzed pathways and that no other explanation is required’.’
  • ‘They suggest that ‘In fact, if mutant recessivity were not general, it would throw considerable doubt on the whole of enzymology and the study of intermediary metabolism.’’
  • ‘In any case, these low estimates are in at least qualitative agreement with other evidence suggesting the recessivity of beneficial mutations.’
  • ‘There has been no investigation of the mechanism of recessivity of the two most recessive classes.’