Definition of rechristen in English:



with object and complement
  • Give a new name to.

    ‘he rechristened Zaire the Democratic Republic of Congo’
    • ‘Celtic influence in the region gave the town the name of Belfast before it was rechristened Port Fairy in 1887.’
    • ‘But she allowed him to rechristen her Loren - she had been using the name Lazzaro - and send her to drama lessons.’
    • ‘Named Tecumseh after the Shawnee leader, he was rechristened William in a Catholic ceremony at age 9, after he was informally adopted by a prominent Ohio politician when his father died.’
    • ‘Sergent, who knew the pair, wrote the excellent script and takes the part of Bell - whom he rather oddly rechristens Rodney Pump while permitting Smith to keep his own name.’
    • ‘Zaire, as the Congo was rechristened, had its natural resources plundered to fund his passion for flashy cars and chartered Concorde flights - this at a time when the country's average annual income was below $120.’
    • ‘The food retailing chain had started operating as Pizza Express in the late 90s but was rechristened San Marzano in 2001 (with the exception of the UK).’
    • ‘French duke Louis-Phillipe-Joseph rechristened himself Phillipe Egalit in an attempt to save face - literally - after the French Revolution.’
    • ‘Perhaps Terence Milligan, as he was until he was rechristened during the war (after the spike on the end of his double bass), does not wholly approve of Spike Milligan.’
    • ‘It was an 18-month, gruelling journey for the elephant which was rechristened Sultan Suleyman by the king after the great enemy of Europe in those days.’
    • ‘It was only 8 years down the line that Phil Knight rechristened the shoes he sold as ‘Nike’ - from the Greek goddess of victory.’
    • ‘The Men's Institute folded in 1972 and the building was rechristened the Village Hall, although villagers with the longest memories still use the old name.’
    • ‘But careful breeding made it palatable, and it was rechristened Kiwi fruit in New Zealand after its introduction there in the early twentieth century.’
    • ‘More news on Andy McCluskey's new project: The girl band formerly known as The Automatic Kittens have now been rechristened Atomic Kitten.’
    • ‘She didn't become Greta Garbo until Mauritz Stiller, the director who discovered her and took her to Hollywood, rechristened her in 1924.’
    • ‘It was only rechristened the Yorkshire Evening Press in 1905, the same year in which the Saturday Football Press first appeared.’
    • ‘His father Thomas ran the ABC cinema in York, his mother Ruby, who rechristened herself Robbie, was a teacher.’
    • ‘He takes a liking to Frankie, who he rechristens Kid Frankie - everyone in a film like this has to have a nickname - and brings him on board as a chauffeur and general dogsbody.’
    • ‘Frank is suddenly back at the top of the charts and his record company signs his girlfriend and rechristens her Furious.’
    • ‘His colleague F. O. Mathiessen rechristened the mid-nineteenth-century literary flowering in New England as the ‘American Renaissance.’’
    • ‘Even Prodi himself once memorably rechristened the Stability Pact the ‘Stupidity Pact’, when he was President of the European Commission.’



/ˌrēˈkris(ə)n/ /ˌriˈkrɪs(ə)n/