Definition of Recioto in English:



(also Reciotto)
  • A full-bodied sweet or semi-sweet red wine from the Valpolicella region of north-eastern Italy, made from grapes which are dried after picking in order to concentrate the flavours and sugars.

    A trademark in the United States.



/rɛtʃɪˈɒtəʊ/ /rɛtʃˈɒtəʊ/


Early 20th century. From Italian recioto kind of wine (although this is apparently first attested later: 1937) from Italian regional (Veneto) recioto small bunch of grapes, mature grapes on the outside of a bunch, probably from recio (also rechio, rechio d'ua) (particular kind of) small bunch of grapes (probably related to recia ear, cognate with Italian orecchia, variant of orecchio) + -oto.