Definition of reciprocal cross in English:

reciprocal cross


  • A pair of crosses between a male of one strain and a female of another, and vice versa.

    ‘The reciprocal cross produces only hybrid males, with females dying as embryos.’
    • ‘Males from both reciprocal crosses do not express the lethal phenotype, indicating that the effect is not associated with the X chromosome.’
    • ‘A simple way to detect genetic maternal effects consists of conducing reciprocal crosses between strains that have been kept in the same environment for several generations.’
    • ‘They are much more prevalent in the progeny of crosses between wild-type males and laboratory females than in the progeny of the reciprocal cross.’
    • ‘Each mapping experiment was initiated by a reciprocal cross between parental inbred lines.’
    • ‘In order to investigate how the maternal genotype controls seed development and mature seed size, reciprocal crosses between four varieties of pea having different seed sizes were used.’


reciprocal cross

/rəˈsiprəkəl/ /rəˈsɪprəkəl/ /rēˈsiprəkəl krôs/ /riˈsɪprəkəl krɔs/ /kräs/ /krɑs/