Definition of reclasp in English:



  • 1To clasp or hold tightly with one's hand or in one's arms, etc., for a second or subsequent time.

  • 2To clasp or embrace (a person) for a second or subsequent time. Occasionally without object. Also in extended use.

  • 3To interlace (one's fingers) again; to join or entwine (one's hands or arms) together tightly again. Also without object (of a person's hands): to rejoin tightly, typically with the fingers interlaced.

  • 4To reclose the clasp of (a purse, jewellery, etc.); to refasten.



/ˌriːˈklɑːsp/ /ˌriːˈklasp/


Late 18th century; earliest use found in Henry Brooke (c1703–1783), writer and playwright. From re- + clasp.