Definition of reclothe in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Dress again, especially in different clothes.

    ‘she was ceremonially reclothed in a new robe’
    • ‘Neil didn't seem to agree that being told to reclothe ourselves for a second time was made more persuasive when the bouncer lifted him up by his neck.’
    • ‘When he finally released her and they had reclothed themselves Erica decided to curl up once more in his arms before telling him to take her home.’
    • ‘Garmarna uses folk music from Scandinavia reclothed in rock and electronic music to create a dark and menacing world of distrust, violence and ‘natural’ misanthropies.’
    • ‘The remaining 85 men were captured and taken to Kithera, where they were denied food by their German captors - but were fed and reclothed through the kindness of islanders.’



/rēˈklōT͟H/ /riˈkloʊð/