Definition of reclusiveness in English:



See reclusive

‘In recent years, her own indifferent health and her dedicated nursing of her husband Jack, who died recently, encouraged Astley's natural reclusiveness.’
  • ‘Whatever the nature of their reclusiveness, all of them have learnt to maintain a tightrope balance between the world, the self and their art.’
  • ‘Her reclusiveness is perhaps best illustrated, if not explained, by her once stating that she most wanted to resemble those writers who, like J. D. Salinger, are known solely by their work, not their personal lives.’
  • ‘Yet, much of Drake's failure to attract a wide following stemmed from his own reclusiveness and psychological frailty, given that he had an almost pathological reluctance to perform live.’
  • ‘But for many of them, reclusiveness also is a public-relations strategy.’
  • ‘But as her wealth has grown exponentially, so has her reclusiveness.’