Definition of recommence in English:



  • Begin or cause to begin again.

    no object ‘the war recommenced’
    with object ‘it was agreed to recommence talks’
    • ‘Yet once war recommenced in 1542, they were soon in difficulties, lacking tenants to defend the Borders.’
    • ‘The ink on the agreements had hardly dried before they recommenced their war of words.’
    • ‘He gave Telecom an ultimatum; either they immediately repaint the blue boxes red, or war would recommence.’
    • ‘At 8am, lessons recommenced and continued until midday.’
    • ‘Lost confidence will return, dating can recommence, love lives will flourish and job prospects will improve.’
    • ‘Within half an hour, the Dow Jones industrial average was recording a loss of more than 300 points, but in a roller coaster session it briefly rose, before recommencing its slide.’
    • ‘Sunday School recommences after the Christmas break on Sunday.’
    • ‘It will be interesting to see how they fare when the real battle recommences next term.’
    • ‘The National Park Authority has said it is aware extraction has recommenced and said that it ‘did not accept’ that there was consent for the extraction of limestone.’
    • ‘Services recommenced at the church last November.’
    • ‘Debate recommenced in the Commons, with tempers starting to fray, and fewer and fewer MPs following the detailed arguments.’
    • ‘In 1998 it recommenced extraction of sandstone from a quarry at Stancliffe in Derbyshire.’
    • ‘When supplies recommenced it took several days for the country to become fully mobile again.’
    • ‘When the announcement came around 2pm on Friday that play would recommence within an hour and a half there was a fair degree of cynicism in the air in the headquarters of the media.’
    • ‘The danger is that afterwards you will feel even more tired than you did before - and perhaps tempted to recommence the cycle by reaching for yet another cup of coffee.’
    • ‘Despite last week's announcement by the independent trustee, he remained hopeful that negotiations would recommence.’
    • ‘The law states that if birds nests are found after work has started, work must stop immediately and not recommence until the chicks have fledged.’
    • ‘There may be an issue about how successful that would be, but it did not preclude proceedings being recommenced.’
    • ‘Union leaders scotched the strike after the company's management agreed to recommence negotiations on wages and related issues.’
    • ‘All other events on the programme continue except the walking which will recommence when the weather improves.’
    resume, return to, pick up again, take up again, come back to, reopen, begin again, start again, restart, recommence