Definition of recommencement in English:



See recommence

‘The fall of the Berlin Wall did not mean the end of history nor even its recommencement after a fifty-year hiatus, but a continuation which precious few had charted or even thought about.’
  • ‘We look forward to your co-operation in putting these procedures into operation quickly to enable an early recommencement of asbestos clearance.’
  • ‘However, with industry leadership assured and having just returned to profitability, the recommencement of payouts should start next year.’
  • ‘That referral motion set the report-back date to be 3 days after the recommencement of Parliament in 2004.’
  • ‘Howley said that the company expected a full-scale recommencement of work on the $2 billion project early next year.’



/ˌrēkəˈmensmənt/ /ˌrikəˈmɛnsmənt/