Definition of recommitment in English:



See recommit

‘If we keep faith with Martin's teachings and join together with an energised recommitment to create the beloved community, we will one day be celebrating his vision as a glorious reality.’
  • ‘Just a few days ago, there was a meeting of the main donors here in New York at the United Nations, and it was a real strong recommitment.’
  • ‘His recommitment to Jesus as Lord of his life two years ago gave him hope and joy.’
  • ‘The statement, cosigned by Roman Catholic and evangelical leaders, expressed dismay over rising divorce rates and pledged a recommitment to strengthening traditional marriage.’
  • ‘But if change is the theme of this month's issue, then recommitment to core principles and fundamental purpose is the higher message of this letter.’



/ˌrēkəˈmitmənt/ /ˌrikəˈmɪtmənt/