Definition of reconstructionist in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːkənˈstrʌkʃnɪst/


  • 1US historical A person who favours or supports the policy of Reconstruction.

  • 2A Reconstructionist Jew.

  • 3A person who reconstructs a past state of affairs hypothetically or theoretically.

  • 4North American A person who recreates the circumstances of an accident or crime. Also: a person who creates a physical likeness of a deceased person in cases where decomposition or other factors have made identification of a body difficult.


  • 1Relating to or characterized by reconstruction, specifically (US) favouring the policy of Reconstruction (now historical).

  • 2Judaism
    Of or designating a movement in progressive Judaism, originating in North America during the 1920s, which emphasizes the common cultural and historical heritage of the Jewish people more than specific religious teachings.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Boston Daily Advertiser. From reconstruction + -ist.