Definition of reconvert in English:



[with object]
  • Convert back to a former state.

    ‘she reconverted the basement back into an apartment’
    • ‘I probably bought at the right time, but in terms of paying for a converted apartment and then reconverting it, I probably didn't make a good investment decision.’
    • ‘A lot of Victorian and Georgian buildings are being reconverted from apartments into townhouses.’
    • ‘In fact, it was precisely a real engagement in the faith that led me to be reconverted later in my mid-twenties (but that is another story).’
    • ‘Some countries require you to change a stipulated sum of money into local currency each day, but this money cannot be reconverted when you leave.’
    • ‘Any hi-fidelity analog signal can be reconverted to digital without copy protection.’
    • ‘He replaced his brother Vladimir Rassate, who was deposed and blinded on the orders of their father Boris I, for his efforts to reconvert the country to paganism.’
    • ‘I heard his daughter Charlotte is trying to reconvert the house into a museum - that would be brilliant.’
    • ‘The new owners may well consider reconverting this floor to accommodate further living accommodation, but as this is a protected structure, they will have to apply for planning permission to do so.’
    • ‘‘Everyone who expressed an interest in the house intended reconverting it to a family home,’ he said.’
    • ‘This is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscles for later use as a body fuel, at which time it is reconverted into glucose.’
    • ‘An amplifier is used to increase the gain of the signal, which is then reconverted into sound energy by a receiver and transmitted into the ear canal by a fine tube held in place by an individually moulded ear piece.’
    • ‘This room could be easily reconverted into a dining room, and the addition of double doors would make for an impressive set of interconnecting reception rooms.’
    • ‘The house could be reconverted into a family home or could also be transformed into a large bed and breakfast, of which there are relatively few in this part of Drumcondra.’
    • ‘In total this house has six bedrooms - at present one is used as a study area but could easily be reconverted.’
    • ‘He used all this to harangue the sailors and by the time he was done they had been reconverted back to the Allies' cause.’
    • ‘The four kingdoms soon relapsed into paganism, and initially only Kent was reconverted.’
    • ‘The new owners may wish to reconvert this space to its original dining function and, given its generous proportions and open fireplace, this would be an attractive dining area.’
    • ‘When all of the sugar is fermented to alcohol and carbon dioxide, and a small amount of oxygen is present, yeast can reconvert some of the ethyl alcohol back to acetaldehyde.’
    • ‘A part of this is now being cleared and reconverted into natural forest.’
    • ‘Then, too, you have to bring along a good supply of oxygen and reconvert exhaled carbon dioxide to replenish it.’