Definition of record player in English:

record player

Pronunciation /rəˈkɔ(ə)rd/

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  • An apparatus for reproducing sound from records, comprising a turntable that spins the record at a constant speed and a stylus that slides along in the groove and picks up the sound, together with an amplifier and a loudspeaker.

    ‘The only medium to listen to the then alternative music was a record player or gramophone.’
    • ‘Perhaps you'd like to transfer some of your aging LP collection to CDs before they stop manufacturing styluses for your record player.’
    • ‘Connect a record player or cassette deck to your computer.’
    • ‘Just before setting out on the drive to San Francisco for the U.S. Open, I packed my Motorola record player and Mario Lanza records.’
    • ‘At the age of three, he was responsible for operating the record player in the family hotel on the Adriatic island of Krk, and so received his first introduction to music.’
    • ‘Lewis said he always loved gadgets and at the age of eight figured out how to operate a record player.’
    • ‘He nodded and dragged an ancient record player out from under his uncle's bed along with some records.’
    • ‘Carmen moved towards the record player and gently helped the needle onto the next groove.’
    • ‘Things got even worse when I let slip that we only had a mono record player.’
    • ‘Our job is to troubleshoot the complex but imperfect technology that befuddle mom and dad, veterans of the rotary phone, the record player and the black-and-white cabinet television set.’
    • ‘She was the first girl in the class to get her ears pierced, the first to own a velour tracksuit (we all lusted after it - this was 1980 after all), the first to have her own record player in her room.’
    • ‘He has responded to criticisms that he is ‘amateurish’ by listing his equipment as nothing more than a record player, a sampler and a CD burner.’
    • ‘The sculptured windows are old, the floor is paved according to the old style, the record player has pop songs of the 1930s and the shelves are lined with books and photographs of old Shanghai.’
    • ‘And I'd listen to Mahalia Jackson on a small record player.’
    • ‘Maybe the reason for this is that the VCR is fast becoming obsolete, joining the 8-track deck and the record player in garage sales.’
    • ‘After a few more moments, the record player stopped.’
    • ‘He went over to the record player and turned it off.’
    • ‘An impressive record player adorned an antique sideboard and on every other available surface, Delaney saw vinyl records.’
    • ‘The record player blasted their favorite dancing tune through the house.’
    • ‘Our recommendation: record your prized LPs to digital files while you still have a working record player.’