Definition of recriminatory in English:


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  • Involving or of the nature of mutual accusations or counteraccusations.

    ‘his habit of rendering love in terms of recriminatory bickering’
    • ‘Yet the consequences of her drinking - recriminatory hangovers, neglect of what other people perceive to be her responsibilities, unemployment, petty theft, disease - intervene between Hannah and happiness.’
    • ‘When someone gets around to writing the definitive history of the destruction of the environment they'll need to reserve some recriminatory paragraphs for a certain terraced house in Dartmouth Park, north London.’
    • ‘The outcome, too, is left tantalisingly open: no reconciliations, partner-swappings or recriminatory tantrums.’
    • ‘On some occasions, the vocabulary that she employs in her response to Derrida is recriminatory.’
    • ‘Campbell, who narrates the film in a sad, recriminatory mumble, somehow manages to make the character affecting.’
    • ‘Due to fear of a recriminatory reception in Senegal, her editors advised her to adopt a pseudonym.’
    • ‘The elegant speech has preserved decorum, kept what is evidently a precarious civilized façade in place, and sent the guests to bed in elegiac rather than recriminatory mood.’
    • ‘Here, we are prime targets for recriminatory action.’
    • ‘Reinforcing these pressures were the recriminatory voices of returning servicemen.’
    • ‘Later he usually makes some recriminatory remark against those that kept their seats.’



/rəˈkrimənəˌtôrē/ /rəˈkrɪmənəˌtɔri/