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  • 1Denoting or shaped like a rectangle.

    ‘a neat rectangular area’
    • ‘Huge trees defined the edges of the rectangular area.’
    • ‘Actually, had the cloth been kept in a frame for such a long period there would have been an age-yellowed, rectangular area at the top.’
    • ‘Thus, during viewing in the otherwise dark laboratory, the observer saw a rectangular area of light against a dark background.’
    • ‘Wood uses the rectangular areas that have been partially plowed to draw added attention to the simple contours.’
    • ‘The bottom of the screen hosts a rectangular area that scrolls the lyrics to the player's chosen song.’
    • ‘We took it down at once, leaving a pale rectangular area on the wallpaper.’
    • ‘In another series, rectangular areas of pale watercolour are overlaid by fields of coloured dots - a second layer of pattern to counterpoint the first.’
    • ‘The event will happen in a rectangular area of about 15 hectares on the coast.’
    • ‘Hang pictures in circular, triangular, or rectangular geometric groupings to add interest.’
    • ‘Two female students stood at the right side of the long rectangular board, where the names of the highest placing students were located.’
    • ‘You introduced small rectangular openings in the sides so that one could peek inside, but some of the interior remained hidden.’
    • ‘There is a goal at either side of rectangular arena.’
    • ‘Each was made from a long rectangular piece of cloth, hemmed on each long side to allow a cord to be inserted at the top, and a light plastic plumbing tube at the bottom.’
    • ‘She was able to watch the evaluation through a long, rectangular glass window, but the person on the other side would not be able to see her.’
    • ‘A rectangular section of each picture was selected and the average pixel value was calculated by the software in radial direction.’
    • ‘I sat beside a little rectangular window with shades pulled half-way down, allowing minimal sunlight to come through.’
    • ‘The starting point is a rectangular grid.’
    • ‘The shape of a mirror is also important with rectangular, square or oval shapes each having different qualities.’
    • ‘The floor was divided into 25 rectangular squares by pencil lines.’
    • ‘The game board is a rectangular grid of squares, initially occupied by a given configuration of filled squares.’
    • ‘The shapes and surface are only those which can occur plausibly within and on a rectangular plane.’
    • ‘A rectangular table is divided up into ten squares - two marked with a heart, two with diamonds, two with clubs, two with spades, one with a crown and one with an anchor.’
    1. 1.1(of a solid) having a base, section, or side shaped like a rectangle.
      ‘a rectangular prism’
      • ‘They then proceeded to hammer the rough edges off the stone and shape it into a rough rectangular solid in preparation for sawing.’
      • ‘The small flashlight he usually had hanging on his utility belt was bright enough to light up the cold, gray rectangular prism.’
      • ‘While the majority of buildings were more or less rectangular prisms, this building looked more like the Senate Chamber in Denivan City.’
      • ‘A large rectangular compartment in the base holds your loose cartridges, screwdrivers, etc.’
      • ‘All guys sat together on one side of the long rectangular table.’
      • ‘On each side of the rectangular building were three more windows of the same type.’
      • ‘Basketball hoops were on either side of the rectangular room and a gymnastic trampoline stood in the far left corner of the room.’
      • ‘Each block of ice was entirely rectangular, its sides perfectly smooth and flawless.’
      • ‘He soon noticed there were four statues on one side of the rectangular room and four on the other.’
      • ‘Leanne and Greg sat opposite each other, on the short sides of the rectangular table.’
      • ‘There were several hospital beds lined on both sides of the long rectangular room.’
      • ‘To assemble, place a layer of lasagne sheets on the base of an oiled deep, rectangular lasagne dish.’
      • ‘They were then ordered to march into a rectangular hangar, with the sides all angled inwards to the flat roof, roughly trapezoidal in shape.’
      • ‘On top of each pillar, however, a large rectangular stone was placed, with each side resting on neighboring pillars.’
      • ‘Two tall, rectangular blocks landed on either side of the ensemble.’
      • ‘The boilers were fired by oil, and the rectangular tanks can be found tight against either side of the hull.’
      • ‘However, it is not unusual to find modern, rectangular houses in rural areas.’
      • ‘I squealed and dropped the small rectangular shaped box I had been holding.’
      • ‘It was a plain, whitewashed rectangular house, like thousands of other houses in the area.’
      • ‘He held up a small rectangular box of clear, thick plastic.’
      • ‘We marched to the house where dinner was waiting for us at a long rectangular table.’
  • 2Placed or having parts placed at right angles.

    ‘To complicate matters, he wanted the button style to be flexible enough that left-hand corners could be rounded, and right-hand corners could be rectangular corners, or vice versa (Figure 1).’
    • ‘Therefore, to draw an ellipse, you specify its rectangular corners.’
    quadrilateral, rectangular, oblong, right-angled, at right angles, perpendicular



/rekˈtaNGɡyələr/ /rɛkˈtæŋɡjələr/