Definition of rectilinearity in English:



See rectilinear

‘Then, in the mid-1980s, a group of architects emerged whose work boldly departed from rectilinearity, creating a style variously labeled as expressionist, neomodernist, organic, or deconstructivist.’
  • ‘In any case, boldness of design and rectilinearity are characteristics of the quilts; and for some quilters, corduroy called forth their best efforts.’
  • ‘Certainly his woodworking echoed a number of its tenets on construction, such as simplicity, honesty, rectilinearity, and functionality.’
  • ‘This relentless rectilinearity is not presented as an underlying metaphysical reality, as in a Mondrian abstraction.’
  • ‘And given the space's want of rectilinearity, it was smart to introduce complementary non-primary angles in the bar fittings.’



/ˌrektəˌlinēˈerədē/ /ˌrɛktəˌlɪniˈɛrədi/