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  • 1Recovery from illness or exertion.

    ‘the human body has amazing powers of recuperation’
    • ‘Of specific interest is the essence of that experience as women await or are faced with surgical intervention and the ensuing recovery, recuperation, and rehabilitation.’
    • ‘For as long as people have been writing and talking about the city, Bath has been synonymous with recuperation and the famous powers of its waters.’
    • ‘The trust will also have exemptions in place in cases where the hospital has asked relatives to play an active role in the patient's recuperation or rehabilitation.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the only chance for complete recuperation is a bone-marrow transplant.’
    • ‘And after a lengthy period of recovery the Ballyhornan man returned home to continue his recuperation.’
    • ‘I'm utterly drained - as I write, I'm stealing a few precious hours of solitude for much needed recuperation and rest.’
    • ‘He suffered an eye injury in training, and was out for three months; his recuperation near completion in November, he hurt his ankle.’
    • ‘In order to allow him to continue his recuperation, people have been asked to refrain from visiting him in hospital.’
    • ‘We've administered sleeping medication to help her relax so her body can be given the best chance at recuperation.’
    • ‘This workout is so intense that it demands at least one week of complete rest and recuperation for the legs.’
    • ‘I hope he makes a swift comeback, but an injury like his will need plenty of rest and recuperation.’
    • ‘Even after successfully completing a treatment program, recovering addicts face a lifetime of recuperation.’
    • ‘Sunday used to be a day for rest, recuperation and recreation.’
    • ‘Sorry, girl, I'm needing a bit of rest and recuperation.’
    • ‘We promised ourselves a few days - ‘as long as it takes’ - of rest and recuperation, not to mention re-adjustment, and we're jolly well taking our time over it.’
    • ‘That is where they'll go for quick recuperation.’
    • ‘Consume sufficient protein and healthy fats to fuel your body and help recuperation.’
    • ‘Infections, which can strike an immune system compromised by surgery, may cause complications like bleeding and prolong your recuperation.’
    • ‘Yoga reduces physical and mental tension and promotes recuperation.’
    • ‘An obstetrician is a medical doctor who specializes in the care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and recuperation from delivery.’
    recuperation, convalescence, return to health, process of getting better, rehabilitation, healing, rallying
  • 2The recovery or regaining of something.

    • ‘the recuperation of traditional scholarship’
    retrieval, regaining, repossession, getting back, recapture, reclamation, recouping, retaking, redemption
    1. 2.1The action of a recuperator in imparting heat to incoming air or gaseous fuel from hot waste gases.
      • ‘further energy saving has been achieved by heat recuperation’



/rəˌko͞opəˈrāSH(ə)n/ /rəˌkupəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/