Definition of recut in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb recuts, transitive verb recutting, past participle verb recut

[with object]
  • Remove further or different material from (a film or screenplay)

    ‘director Tony Scott recut several key scenes’
    • ‘Unfortunately, after he shot and delivered his film, Artisan marketing decided they needed more ‘traditional’ horror elements and reshot and recut the film.’
    • ‘It lost money despite the studio's efforts to recut the film so as to overcome aspects of it that had caused preview audiences to reject Huston's original version.’
    • ‘The battle sequences are so obscured by the editing - I believe the film was recut for classification purposes - that you haven't a clue who's doing what to whom.’
    • ‘To make matters even worse, the films were recut and retitled nearly every time they were released for exhibition in a new country.’
    • ‘Viewers didn't know it, but Anne was as formidable a presence behind the screens as she was on it, changing scripts and recutting films until she was satisfied.’
    • ‘Somewhere, in an alternate universe, the film is drastically recut.’
    • ‘Apparently, the film has been recut for its wide release, with the better parts of Mr. Brown's performance left behind.’
    • ‘My films several times were recut after I finished them, and, needless to say, I thought, for the worse.’
    • ‘I wonder if the film has been recut yet again for DVD release, as the running time is only 95 minutes on the disc.’
    • ‘They extensively recut it and removed several minutes of footage.’
    • ‘Now, the film has been recut to include 11 minutes of footage which make it more spiritual and uplifting, in accordance with the wishes of Blatty.’
    • ‘The script is too safe, and the studio forced the movie to be recut according to test screenings.’
    • ‘The original episodes have been recut to feature longer musical performances, which is a welcome addition.’
    • ‘We could have tried to recut it and made it more generic, but we liked it and felt it could work.’
    • ‘I'm recutting the show for syndication, and I'm including that back story because I want it to be very clear that this was Jack's issue with these two women.’
    • ‘So they recut it, so people wouldn't scream in horror!’
    • ‘The 30-minute program from the primary was recut and broadcast, incorporating much of the information in the book.’
    • ‘But all of the guitar, bass and drum parts were recut using the original demos as a guide and template.’
    • ‘I'm actually looking forward to watching it, since it's been recut and improved.’
    • ‘That's the 90-minute version that the studio recut against Gilliam's wishes.’



/rēˈkət/ /riˈkət/