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red carpet

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  • 1A long, narrow red carpet laid on the ground for a distinguished visitor to walk on when arriving.

    ‘I always smile to myself when I'm asked to walk along red carpets now.’
    • ‘This man looked up at the throne room, a vast hall with a blood red carpet running down the center.’
    • ‘Apply all of the above to Scotland's latest ambassador to the world of red carpets and clapper boards, along with a prevailing air of not quite being there.’
    • ‘How many red carpets must a trouser-dress combo walk down before you can call it a dead fad?’
    • ‘Collegians who limit themselves in this manner often see more doors shut in their face than red carpets welcoming them into the corporation.’
    • ‘He shook hands with them as he walked along a red carpet laid out on the tarmac.’
    • ‘In Gideon's Daughter, Ancona delivers a mature and nuanced performance as Barbara, a ‘media bitch’ in love with the intoxicating, yet vapid realm of first nights and red carpets.’
    • ‘Of course, the hurricane aftermath is still foremost on people's minds, everywhere from Main Street, USA, to the red carpets of Hollywood and New York.’
    • ‘He added: ‘I don't live a Hollywood lifestyle and you'll have seen no pictures of me on any red carpets because I don't do it and neither does my lady’’
    • ‘Two sleek new grey trains approach each other, two Royal Families emerge onto red carpets, there is flurry of handshakes and floral hats, and choirs of little girls dressed in white sing patriotic songs.’
    • ‘You might still see wackiness on fashion runways and red carpets, but unfortunately, those clothes are not accessible to the general public.’
    • ‘The first video features Hollywood stars on various red carpets taking a minute to say hello to everyone at the awards.’
    • ‘He liked jazz, preferred informal dress, didn't much care for hunting and shooting, and was openly contemptuous of red carpets.’
    • ‘Boring or not, this hot couple will be gracing more red carpets in the future.’
    • ‘Los Angeles loves awards and the ceremonies connected with them - not to mention the spectacle of red carpets, paparazzi, and outlandish gowns.’
    • ‘Her career, however, was flourishing, from red carpets to behind the scenes.’
    • ‘Far away from the spotlight of red carpets and cop shows, he seems content.’
    • ‘The red carpets were being rolled out today at the Great Yorkshire Show as organisers welcomed the Duke of York.’
    • ‘‘We're rolling out red carpets out there,’ he whispers.’
    • ‘Just being a couple - being able to walk down a red carpet holding her hand, that's exciting for me.’
    greeting, salutation, hail, welcoming
    1. 1.1the red carpetPrivileged treatment of a distinguished visitor.
      ‘they rolled out the red carpet for two special guests’
      • ‘At a recent meeting in Brussels, interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi received ‘the full red-carpet treatment normally accorded to a world leader’.’
      • ‘This red-carpet treatment cost German taxpayers some €52,000.’
      • ‘The red-carpet treatment includes a gourmet meal, based on the last meal on Concorde, at the Radisson Hotel close to the airport, before a tour of the aircraft.’
      • ‘Apart from the fat check he receives every month, plus an endless chain of facilities, he gets red-carpet treatment wherever he goes.’
      • ‘While in London, the contestants were given the red-carpet treatment in a top hotel, where they were treated to five course meals and champagne.’
      • ‘The red-carpet treatment didn't even cease when the plane stopped for fuel.’
      • ‘Earlier this week, Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou, a high-ranking member of the major opposition Nationalist Party, was given red-carpet treatment during a visit to Hong Kong.’
      • ‘The Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed last night that Cox would receive the full, red-carpet treatment associated with a visiting head of state, despite the fact that he will be in his own country.’
      • ‘He was accorded, literally, the red-carpet treatment by the Labour government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, culminating in an audience with the Queen at Windsor Castle.’
      • ‘Until now, frequent - shopper programs have not been very good at identifying the most attractive customers for this red-carpet treatment.’
      • ‘While investing abroad once was fraught with red tape, most host governments today give foreign investors the red-carpet treatment.’
      • ‘I shook hands with the manager, and he asked me why we had not booked his airline; he would have arranged for red-carpet treatment.’
      • ‘A customer who complains once in 11 flights, however, will get red-carpet treatment.’
      • ‘From the first encounter that job candidates have with the company, he courts them with red-carpet treatment.’
      • ‘He was recently given the red-carpet treatment on a visit to Paris, the first Algerian leader since the 1980s to do so.’
      • ‘Whenever a politician from Taiwan travels to Central America, he can be sure of the red-carpet treatment.’
      • ‘The guests, expected to arrive from 6.30 pm, will receive red-carpet treatment’
      • ‘When we arrived at Gare Centrale we got the red-carpet treatment.’
      • ‘And the red-carpet luxuries will keep on rolling out for the whole year.’
      • ‘He and his wife Mildred were given a red-carpet welcome and housed in a sumptuous villa near the official residence of President Francois Bozize.’


red carpet

/ˈˌred ˈkärpət/ /ˈˌrɛd ˈkɑrpət/