Definition of red cedar in English:

red cedar


  • Either of two North American coniferous trees with reddish-brown bark.

    Two species in the family Cupressaceae: the western red cedar (Thuja plicata), which yields strong, lightweight timber, and the eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana), found chiefly in the eastern US

    ‘Fortunately there are plenty of other deck-worthy trees in the forest, among them teak, Western red cedar, redwood, and mahogany.’
    • ‘The gardens have very successfully combined Japanese species such as azaleas, maples and cherry trees with native plants such as Canadian maples and red cedars.’
    • ‘Scattered eastern red cedar are the only trees within the glade communities.’
    • ‘They passed through stands of red cedar and hemlock trees so tall and so ancient that the sunlight rarely touched the forest floor.’
    • ‘In western Washington, they typically roost in western hemlock and western red cedar.’


red cedar

/ˌred ˈsēdər/ /ˌrɛd ˈsidər/