Definition of red grouse in English:

red grouse


  • A bird of a race of the willow grouse having entirely reddish-brown plumage, native only to the British Isles and familiar as a moorland game bird.

    Lagopus lagopus scoticus, family Phasianidae (or Tetraonidae)

    • ‘Marsden Moor supports large numbers of moorland birds such as the golden plover, red grouse, curlew and the diminutive twite.’
    • ‘It is the home of the lapwing, curlew, golden plover, dunlin and red grouse.’
    • ‘The black grouse needs a more varied habitat than the better-established red grouse.’
    • ‘Fine weather throughout the spring and early summer has produced encouraging numbers of red grouse for the start of the season on Tuesday.’
    • ‘The problem is that numbers of red grouse are in freefall, continuing a downward trend witnessed over the past 20 years or more.’