Definition of red-tailed hawk in English:

red-tailed hawk


  • The most common and most widespread hawk of North and Central America, with a reddish tail.

    Buteo jamaicensis, family Accipitridae

    ‘It also provides breathing room for raptors such as prairie falcons, golden eagles, and red-tailed hawks.’
    • ‘If you see the red tail on an adult red-tailed hawk, one of the most common hawks in these parts, you don't have to look any further.’
    • ‘Instead they are eaten primarily by large birds, such as great-horned owls and red-tailed hawks.’
    • ‘Inland airports are havens for other species like Canada geese and red-tailed hawks.’
    • ‘Keep your eyes peeled for desert tortoises, wild burros and red-tailed hawks, and bring plenty of water.’


red-tailed hawk

/red tāld hôk/ /rɛd teɪld hɔk/