Definition of redemptive in English:



  • Acting to save someone from error or evil.

    ‘the healing power of redemptive love’
    • ‘Nor does she shirk her moral duty to counter evil with the redemptive power of truth.’
    • ‘The book is also about love - and its redemptive power.’
    • ‘Themes of redemptive love, parental affection and reconciliation are worked out in the music in a very different way from the play.’
    • ‘If this simple tale of three people and a pooch were a Hollywood movie, it would be all about the redemptive power of love.’
    • ‘The pulsating core of his speech was the redemptive power of love.’
    • ‘I wanted him to know the comfort and consolation of Christ's redemptive love.’
    • ‘We profess that people of any age are included in God's unconditional love and redemptive grace.’
    • ‘It is a tale of fear and guilt, emotional survival, and the redemptive power of love.’
    • ‘It feels emotional and meaningful to me because I do think love is incredibly redemptive.’
    • ‘Revenge is not redemptive; it smears the soul with the same evil it seeks to repay.’
    • ‘So I think there's a redemptive quality involved with taking care of people who have a need in the later years of their life.’
    • ‘I found something reassuring and redemptive in this record, which went above and beyond anything that its creators could have envisaged for it.’
    • ‘This is nourishing, redemptive; we become less alone inside.’
    • ‘I think there's a majesty in it that makes it redemptive.’
    • ‘There is a redemptive quality to these high, open moors.’
    • ‘You've done a lot of work with prisoners, dealing with the redemptive power of art.’
    • ‘Alas, the movie doesn't allow the actor to fulfill the same redemptive role.’
    • ‘I decided that the movie, no matter how bleak and hopeless it may seem, is ultimately about redemptive hope, albeit a twisted one at that.’
    • ‘The kingdom is essentially redemptive and spiritual rather than political and physical.’
    • ‘One rejected the book on the grounds that it had ‘no redemptive quality’.’
    compensating, compensatory, extenuating, offsetting, qualifying, redemptive