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  • 1A person with reddish hair.

    ‘Among those most at risk are people with light skin, hair and eyes, a combination frequent in redheads.’
    • ‘Brunettes, blondes and redheads adorned the covers in equal proportion, but all had long and luxurious tresses.’
    • ‘She was still smiling as she waited for the redhead and the brunette to leave.’
    • ‘The next day, the brunette and the redhead are talking about going home early again.’
    • ‘Unlike many redheads she was tanned to a coppery colour.’
    • ‘He looked down at the pretty redhead, her long straight hair lying softly across his chest as she slept.’
    • ‘The redhead was staring at him intently, his hair hanging in his eyes a bit and his hands clasped at his elbows.’
    • ‘He was a redhead, even redder than Maura whose hair was more of an auburn shade, and had a full beard.’
    • ‘As many of you may know I have a thing for redheads.’
    • ‘He had a thing about redheads and he liked singers.’
    • ‘But you said you have a soft spot in your heart for redheads.’
    • ‘Surely nothing to do with that absurd cultural stereotype that redheads are prone to bouts of irrational anger?’
    • ‘Seeing no redheads, I continued towards his room.’
    • ‘There are more redheads in Ireland than in Nigeria.’
    • ‘She didn't have many freckles like most redheads do.’
    • ‘She saw two redheads, but all the other grown women seemed to be blond.’
    • ‘It wasn't just that we were fellow redheads and theatre buffs.’
    • ‘Of course, since we're redheads, everyone will say that we're hot-tempered.’
    • ‘But he remembered his mother telling him redheads were often like that.’
    • ‘The trio of redheads hurried over to greet Adam and Avery.’
  • 2A North American diving duck with a reddish-brown head, related to and resembling the pochard.

    Aythya americana, family Anatidae

    ‘Cattail-thronged marshes here host canvasbacks, redheads, and swans, along with buffleheads, common golden-eyes, teals, and even some bald and golden eagles.’
    • ‘Canvasback, redhead, lesser scaup and ruddy are a few of the diver ducks.’



/ˈredˌ(h)ed/ /ˈrɛdˌ(h)ɛd/