Definition of rediscover in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrēdəˈskəvər/ /ˌridəˈskəvər/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Discover (something forgotten or ignored) again.

    ‘he was trying to rediscover his Gaelic roots’
    • ‘These Russian painters were discovering and rediscovering the look of their country.’
    • ‘In doing so I've made some wonderful new friends, discovered new comrades and rediscovered old ones.’
    • ‘In the past two seasons an extra 10,000 Scottish fans have discovered or rediscovered the game.’
    • ‘Those findings of ten years ago have recently been rediscovered the hard and expensive way.’
    • ‘Not so long ago I set about rediscovering it for myself, in the company of a Native Canadian.’
    • ‘A few days ago, I rediscovered the thing, and started to read it, and I'm still thoroughly enjoying it.’
    • ‘Both teachers were drawn to non-Western music and helped Sinta rediscover her roots.’
    • ‘So of course I had to rediscover my Christmas roots and write a column about it.’
    • ‘Families are being encouraged to rediscover their roots by using a computer at a family history day this weekend.’
    • ‘Georgians rediscovered this book only a few years ago, but they find its message profoundly appealing.’
    • ‘I rediscovered this game just a few days ago when I found out that an old mate of mine had the high score.’
    • ‘Until English rugby rediscovers this attitude, it will never return to the successes it once enjoyed.’
    • ‘Now he rediscovers a possible life he might have led 40 years after the fact.’
    • ‘These ‘born again’ believers reconstruct their identity in rediscovering religion.’
    • ‘He is thriving after rediscovering his scoring form.’
    • ‘People are rediscovering its beauty and recreational potential.’
    • ‘Since rediscovering the Herald, she has had two £10 wins on the lottery - with numbers based on her birthday.’
    • ‘This evening I'm rediscovering the autumnal pleasure of surfing the internet with my stockinged feet jammed against a hot radiator.’
    • ‘I'm rediscovering the music I loved when I was eight years old.’
    • ‘And when I'm constantly rediscovering tracks from old albums, I feel less of a need to go out and gather new material.’