Definition of refection in English:



  • 1 literary Refreshment by food or drink.

    ‘the peaceful hours of the sacred night demand refection’
    • ‘I may add that in composing this masterpiece I have not spent or wasted more leisure than is required for my bodily refection - food and drink to you!’
    • ‘Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashana offers hope, refection and plenty of food for thought’
    • ‘Undaunted, he asked what was the very best that the local area had to offer by way of refection.’
    evening snack
    1. 1.1A meal, especially a light one.
      • ‘More important, the figures may be interpreted as another reference to Fernando I's intercession at Cluny, where part of his commemoration involved serving to the monks a full refection of fish and honeyed spiced wine.’
      meal, lunch, dinner, supper, repast
    2. 1.2Zoology The eating of partly digested fecal pellets, as practiced by rabbits.
      ‘Also, rabbits and hares practise refection, which is essentially the same principle as rumination, and does indeed ‘raise up what has been swallowed’.’
      • ‘This is a general article which tells about the lapine practice of refection.’
      • ‘Do Rabbits Chew Their Cud? - this is another view, noting that some biologists do classify refection as a type of rumination.’



/rəˈfekSH(ə)n/ /rəˈfɛkʃ(ə)n/


Middle English from Old French, from Latin refectio(n-), from reficere ‘renew’ (see refectory).