Definition of reference electrode in English:

reference electrode


  • An electrode having an accurately maintained potential, used as a reference for measurement by other electrodes.

    ‘An magnetic flow meter is provided which includes a reference electrode configured to electrically couple process fluid flowing within a flowtube of the flow meter.’
    • ‘The method generally includes drawing refill electrolyte from a refill bottle and pumping the refill electrolyte to the reference electrode.’
    • ‘The limited extracellular space in the shallow microchannel restricted ionic current flow in the solution between the stimulus electrodes and the reference electrode, ensuring sufficient current flow through the myocyte.’
    • ‘The electrode response to the ion of interest is measured as a change in electrical potential versus a reference electrode.’
    • ‘The CV measurements were then carried out using a platinum wire as the working electrode, a platinum plate as the counter electrode and a saturated calomel electrode as the reference electrode.’


reference electrode

/ˈref(ə)rəns əˈlektrōd/ /ˈrɛf(ə)rəns əˈlɛktroʊd/ /ēˈlektrōd/ /iˈlɛktroʊd/