Definition of reference frame in English:

reference frame


‘It's very easy to get trapped in your own reference frame and forget that it's only one of many, that others may experience the same events in very different ways because of who they are and who they have been.’
  • ‘Other topics, such as Britain's betrayal by Brussels, cropped up but only within the reference frame of pub culture.’
  • ‘This process was repeated for each frame in the time-lapse sequence, using the centroid of the first outline in the sequence as the origin of the polar coordinate system to maintain a fixed reference frame throughout time.’
  • ‘If two observers are moving relative to each other, but each makes judgments from a reference frame fixed to themselves, then the assigned times to the event will disagree more, the faster their relative speed.’
  • ‘The covariance matrix accounts for coupled motions in different dimensions and defines the principal components, capturing a more accurate variation than an arbitrary reference frame.’
  • ‘The telephone, television, and house were eliminated because further testing indicated that people interpret the right/left axis of these objects using a relative reference frame.’
  • ‘Logging data are essential to supplement core data even where high core recovery has been achieved, since the recovered core pieces are often still inaccurately located and unorientated in a geographical reference frame.’
  • ‘Second, the camera alignment process determines camera location in the model reference frame, in which the positions of the augmented objects have been stored and will be displayed.’
  • ‘The microwave background radiation fills the universe and defines a universal reference frame, analogous to the rubber of the balloon, with respect to which motion can be measured.’
  • ‘It is beyond the scope of this paper to model the exact rate of retreat with progressive time, as it would have to be calculated from a detailed reconstruction of the entire East and SE Asia region in an absolute reference frame.’
  • ‘The resultant adjustment provides relative coordinates for the retro-reflective targets and for the digital video camera with respect to the common reference frame.’
  • ‘This decrease in velocity is also noticed in absolute velocities for the North Atlantic as obtained from the hotspot reference frame.’
  • ‘For the equations to work, they still had to use a special reference frame, which meant they hadn't met the standard of developing a ‘general’ theory.’
  • ‘Since modern astronomers often use an Earth-centred reference frame, it's unfair and anti-scientific to criticise the Bible for doing the same.’
  • ‘The vernal equinox (also known as the ascending node), where the Sun passes from the southern to the northern hemisphere, is chosen as the fundamental axis of the reference frame.’
  • ‘South Africa is ideally placed to play a leading role in using space applications to establish an African reference frame, and to coordinate the development of space geodesy on the continent.’
  • ‘While previously the ideal archetype served as the reference frame for establishing homologies, now many researchers looked to embryology to do the job.’
  • ‘We monitor changes in this optical path - that is, dimensional changes of the reference frame - as part of the overall measurement.’
  • ‘The observed phase measurements are reported in a coordinate reference frame centered at the antenna rotation point during calibration.’
  • ‘Behavioural results mirrored this finding, indicating a reduced cognitive processing requirement for the intrinsic reference frame.’


reference frame

/ˈref(ə)rəns frām/ /ˈrɛf(ə)rəns freɪm/