Definition of referentially in English:



See referential

‘Certainly, an introductory survey needs to account for these texts, summarise their content and aims, and use them referentially as an argument progresses.’
  • ‘Logophoric pronouns are semantically stronger than regular pronouns in that syntactically, they usually require to be bound in a local domain, and semantically, they are canonically referentially dependent.’
  • ‘On the other hand the reference value might be referentially atomic, meaning that it has no particular internal structural relation to any other reference values; maybe it is used as an index in an association list.’
  • ‘The bottom, ocher section, somewhat smaller in area than the top, can be read both referentially - a shadow or a wall section in another material or color - or purely formally.’
  • ‘Would the speakers of such a language be prohibited from using their descriptions referentially?’