Definition of refractive in English:



  • Of or involving refraction.

    ‘Unlike earlier reductions, this particular transition requires a major design shift in stepper optics from refractive to reflective.’
    • ‘Eyes that are not optimized in this way are said to have refractive errors (long sight or short sight).’
    • ‘Photorefractive keratectomy evolved concurrently with the development of laser technology within refractive surgery.’
    • ‘However, starch granules are not refractive under bright field microscopy and usually have an indented center.’
    • ‘The refractive optics that form the reduced image of the scene in the reverse-Galilean viewfinder are identical to those of the Albada viewfinder.’
    • ‘This has excellent reflective and refractive properties, and so it is used to make ‘cut’ glass, engraved so as to reflect and refract light.’
    • ‘The single advantage of refractive systems over their reflective counterparts is an absence of off-axis aberrations.’
    • ‘A diopter is a unit of measure used in ophthalmology to indicate the degree of refractive error of the lens of the eye.’
    • ‘Concave lenses with minus or divergent power correct this refractive error and refocus the light rays on the correct point on the retina.’
    • ‘Treatment may be surgical for muscle imbalance, use of refractive lenses, or patching the normal eye to allow the affected eye to regain strength and vision.’
    • ‘This simple demonstration provides an understanding of refractive lens power and promotes a discussion of why a mask helps you see underwater.’
    • ‘These proteins, aptly called crystallins, give the lens its refractive properties and long-term transparency.’
    • ‘First, they are structural proteins that contribute to the refractive powers of the lens.’
    • ‘The idea that the way in which we use our eyes early in life can affect ocular growth and refractive error is gaining scientific credence.’
    • ‘In children with refractive error, the lens of the eye does not bend the right way.’
    • ‘Light pollution refers to the radiation in sunlight, lamp light or other reflected or refractive light.’
    • ‘The transparent convex cornea contributes approximately 70% of the refractive power of the eye.’
    • ‘The colour and the luminous, refractive properties of his material, and the open levels of two of its three linked structures, make it both something to look at and to look through.’
    • ‘If you are happy wearing contact lenses or glasses, you may not want to have refractive surgery.’
    • ‘People suffering from refractive errors have to wear corrective lenses if they want to see things clearly.’



/rəˈfraktiv/ /rəˈfræktɪv/