Definition of refractometer in English:



  • An instrument for measuring a refractive index.

    ‘The refractometer measures the refractive index of the total soluble solids.’
    • ‘Preventive maintenance must be performed on all equipment related to the urinalysis including analyzers, pipettors, refrigerators, microscopes and refractometers.’
    • ‘Discerning the difference between a gas and liquid thus requires a refractometer that can measure slight differences between critical angles and reflection intensities.’
    • ‘For most gemstones the refractive index can be measured with a gemmologist's refractometer, but the refractive indices of diamond, some zircons, and certain other gem materials are too high to be measured with most of these instruments.’
    • ‘In its simplest form, grape sampling might consist of selecting some berries haphazardly from the vineyard and expressing juice into a refractometer to measure sugar content.’



/rəˌfrakˈtämədər/ /rəˌfrækˈtɑmədər/